1: not spoiled, corrupted, or polluted (as by civilization)

2: in its original condition; pure and clean

The most important decision a person can make is to take responsibility for their spiritual, physical, mental, and emotional health.

We need to take care of our health… it is our most valuable possession!

Discipline before Pleasure
Humble Intelligent Lifestyle
Quintessential Footprint on Mother Nature


“Of no real interest to me today are self-seeking and impurity. Love of brotherhood, charity, and cheerfulness are within me. God grant me integrity, wisdom, good judgment, and courage. I want to develop them. Perseverance in service can grow in me. This happens when I am generous in giving, encouraging in conversation, hard working, and responsible with my finances.

Faithfulness to every trust and a childlike faith in God: are in my best interests. Habits of prayer, study, work, and physical health are some ways I honor these trusts.

Drinking plenty of pristine water, eating as wholesome food as possible, abstaining from unwholesome food and beverages, taking only natural supplements, monitoring my pH, fasting periodically, getting enough sleep each night, and rising early each morning… doing Yoga, stretching, deep breathing, and regular GC Method Sessions are other ways I develop myself.

Thank you God, for letting me honor you; and for your presence in every effort I make to improve myself spiritually, physically, mentally, and emotionally… to set my goals in alignment with Your Plan!” — Glen Caulkins

The LivePristine™ “Complete Health Protocol” offers the newest technologies and cutting edge treatments, modalities, and products to help you improve your health and live life to the fullest. Our complete range of products and services encourage an empowered lifestyle with the safest, naturally beneficial, and scientifically advanced water and wellness products in the market.

PristineHydro Development’s flagship product is a unique RO and Deionized High Alkaline pH Water Revival System, that produces properly mineralized, restructured, and recharged water, that is fluoride, acid, and 100% contaminate free, and comes in Under-Counter, Counter-Top, and Travel/Portable models.

PristineNutrition is a complete SuperFood product line, offering a total Meal Replacement Program that includes: a powerful all natural nutritional supplement called Antidote – The Most Perfect Food™, and a Full Meal Replacement called “The Nectar of Eternal Youth” (Glen’s own Private Reserve Formula), as well as Antidote Meal Replacement Bars. PristineHydro™, ElectrolyteBalance™, Royal Jelly, Bee Pollen, Propolis, Honey, Shilajit, Ginseng, Aloe Vera, Norwegian Kelp, Mother Culture SBO Probiotics, Extra Virgin Coconut Oil, 100% Organic Chyawanprash, and Chia Seeds complete the line up.

PristineWellness Center is more than just a wellness/chiropractic clinic, its a lifestyle. An inspiring sanctuary for relaxation, rejuvenation, and education. We offer Chiropractic, Spinal Decompression, Avicenna High Power Class IV Laser Treatments, Far Infrared Massage, Clinical Massage, G5 Massage Therapy, Rapid Release Technology (RRT), Neuromuscular MNT-Bars, Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization,  Gua Sha, Gliding Cupping, Whole Body Vibration Platform Exercises, Omni Gym (Yoga-Swing), pH Balancing, Exercise with Oxygen Therapy, Rumble Roller Therapy, and Earthing or Grounding the human body.

PristineHydro Water Vending is at our Chiropractic/Wellness Clinic “PristineWellness” in Orange County, Laguna Woods, CA. We sell Cold Brewed PristineHydro™ Acid Free High Alkaline pH Water for $3.00 a gallon. We have a full line of glass bottles ranging in size from 16 oz up to 3 gallons, BPA Free plastic containers, refillable Sports Water Bottles, crocks and stands are also available. Our mission is to #MakeWaterNotWaste

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Glen & Ginger Caulkins / Founders LivePristine

Glen & Ginger Caulkins / Founders LivePristine™ 2015